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Mon Petit Garden is offering you 6 different gardens for you to choose from to decide where to organize your Cocktail Hour and your Ceremony. Each one of the gardens is unique, featuring elements that complement what you dreamed for your Wedding, for your Birthday Party, Baby Shower, to record your video clip, for any type of moment. And then, The Old Barn, for your big and astonishing reception, where to gather all your family members and close friends, to enjoy and create unforgettable moments.

Venue for Events

Mon Petit Garden offers 6 unique gardens for your events, each with its own special ambiance. From Cocktail Hours to Wedding Ceremonies, our gardens provide the perfect backdrop for your special moments. The Old Barn, with its rustic charm, is the ideal place for your grand reception, bringing together your family and closest friends to create unforgettable memories.

Photography Spaces

Explore 10 acres of Avocado and Mango crops surrounding Mon Petit Garden, providing a variety of settings for photos and videos. The interplay of light and shadows among the branches, along with various props like doors, an old tractor, swings, an old clock, lanterns, and more, allows you to capture the most important moments of your life with character and style. These photos are sure to find a special place on your walls.