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Event Spaces

Event Spaces

Mon Petit Garden offers you six incredible and different gardens to choose where to organize your ceremony and your cocktail hour, and then, a majestic indoor space, the Old Barn, to celebrate up to the maximum level!

Venetian Plaza

This amazing Space reminds you of a colorful plaza in Venetia. Each square tile was painted by the owners, and it is used mostly for Cocktail Hour. A space of contrast between all the greenery that features Mon Petit Garden. As a photography spot, the pictures show joy with bright vibes!

Compass Plaza

The Compass Plaza, located among the Avocado Grove, showcases the essence of our venue, adding a unique and lush environment for cocktail hour or photoshoots. The grove provides a nice, shady area to enjoy waiting for the ceremony to begin!

Pergolas Area

Located by the Acacia Tree, the Pergolas Area is the perfect place for cocktail hours, for guests to mingle and await the much-anticipated reception to come. Green vines and romantic bistro lighting wrap around this wooden structure.

Acacia Tree

Get Married Under the shade of our native Acacia Tree, known also as Poinseta or Flamboyant Tree. In the summer time, the tree’s orange/red blossoms add a pop of color to your ceremony, and the perfect grass, like a magic carpet, over which dreams become true!

Mango Path

The Mango groves create an ambient very similar to a forest, always with a constant fresh breeze, very romantic, perfect shady area for guests waiting to hear “I do”! Guests need to be careful during harvest time, not to being “knocked out” by a mango!

Coral Rock Waterfalls

Inspired by the Theater of Silence in Italy (Teatro del Silenzio), Coral Rock Waterfalls is an open-air amphitheater made with our Floridian coral rocks, decorated with delicate streams of water that fall over the cream-colored rocks, natural greenery that grows among the rocks, and white up-lighting; everything together adds a unique, majestic touch to your ceremony.

Indoor Area Old Barn

The newly restored barn maintains its historic allure while providing a large, ample space for dancing, dining, and any other one of your event’s necessities! The Old Barn, which is open to the outdoors and surrounding avocado trees, holds a capacity of up to 200 guests. The ceilings are lit with beautiful, warm string lights and hold air conditioning to regulate your party’s temperature.