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Let us tell you the story of our name: Mon Petit Garden, means My Little Garden in French. It is a dream come true, searching to live in a Peace-full house, with beautiful gardens surroundings us, but at the same time to open a business able to bring us joy every day, and having the experience managing Venues in our country, why not to open one here in Miami as well? Here we have, since 2020, we opened to the public, so everyone can enjoy this beauty, a gem located in Redland, an unique area here in South Florida, the Countryside of Miami. It is to preserve!

Our Team

Carlos Cardenas (Beto Cardenas)


Also Known as Beto Cardenas, born in Maracaibo Venezuela, Venezuelan parents, graduated as an Anesthesiologist, worked at St. Jude Hospital in Memphis TN. Now dedicate full time to this beautiful Farm, concentrating all his energy, joy, charm, and enthusiasm to achieve what we are today, a unique and magical space for all of you to come and enjoy. Always smiling and prompt to collaborate to make your time at Mon Petit Garden unforgettable.

Jennifer De Angelis

Event Coordinator

Born in Maracaibo Venezuela, French Mom, and Italian Dad, graduated as a Lawyer, worked as a Real Estate Associate since 2005. Now enjoying living among so many wonders of the world, in this unique Farm which she converted into her family home and business. Mon Petit Garden is part of a dream came true, since there is more to come… Able to speak four languages, full of responsibility and very organized, knowing her job is very simple: make you feel comfortable on those special days!




Corina Cardenas

Marketing Coordinator

Born in Maracaibo Venezuela as well, finishing her studies as Mathematicians at FIU while working in her own business as a tutor of math and algebra. Very sociable girl, willing and able to help when needed, and her skills in describing situations and appointing how to solve them, is an asset for Mon Petit Garden. In constant activities to improve our gardens, bringing life to it.

Carlos Paolo Cardenas

Event Coordinator

Born in Germantown TN, studying math and physics at FIU, always very methodical and into technology, with a lot of Ideas to come, that will offer you different experiences in the agricultural area. being his gardens beds with Romero, pepper, tomatoes and basil soon to be open to our guests! Carlos Paolo is the one that everyone will prefer as the guide among Mon Petit Garden during your tour; very polite, and always willing to explain any detail.

Jacqueline Krisz


My Mom! Everyone calls her Mamina. Born in Bordeaux France, lived in Venezuela for more than 60 years. She is a very happy woman and a strong working one; with great effort finished the Castle that my father built for her, at La Puerta, a little town located in the Andes Mountains of Venezuela, the longest mountain system in the world. Was a promise he made her when young beginning their life together. She converted this beautiful Castle, called Castillo San Isidro, with its 22 bedrooms, into a Venue to accommodate any type of events, but mostly weddings up to 400 guests; she is our inspiration to continue with the same type of activity here in Miami, hoping one day Mon Petit Garden will have a Petit Chateau!

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